Posts from March 2005.

Go see Jack Dee!

Just got back from seeing Jack Dee at the Edinburgh Play House, it was superb, a great night out.

I drove into Edinburgh directly from work and met up with Mandy at a Tapas restaurant that we’ve enjoyed eating at before. The meal actually wasn’t that great this time, but the company was fantastic (I have to say that, she’s my wife)! We then went for a drink in a nearby pub followed by a wander for a couple more metres down the road to the theatre for a thoroughly good laugh, Mandy was even in tears of laughter a number of times! Jack was much better than I expected, I kind of expected it to be a bit of a rip-off, barely an hour of observational humour and tired old jokes already seen on the TV. But no, it was two hours of very funny commentary on life, funny situations and the occasional groan of revulsion at something disgusting (but very funny), and lasted well over two hours (with an interval to catch your breath).

If Jack’s coming to a venue near you, go see him, you won’t be disapointed.

The joy of desktop apps

Having linked to DrunkenBlog’s interview with Brent and Sheila Simmons last night, I’ve just downloaded MarsEdit and given it a whirl. Wow, I love desktop applications, what a difference it makes to be able to post to my blog without going to my website.

This is why I think CaseDetective for FogBugz will be useful for a number of people, desktop apps just have so much of a nicer feel to them, you can do so much more, and quicker too. For example, I’ve got spell checking as I write this, no more copying to Word (yes I use MS Word on my Mac, so what of it?) just to check my atrocious spelling.

So, what’s CaseDetecive I hear you ask? CaseDetective for FogBugz is the application I’m working on, a desktop companion to FogBugz by Fog Creek.

My intentions are that CaseDetecive allow me (and anyone else who may be interested) to extract data from FogBugz and generally dig a little deeper than you can with the current release (4.0). I want to be able to extract to Excel or similar apps various fields that meet various criteria (filters), and I think there are quite a few others who would like to be able to do the same too.

I’ve got a lot of ideas for what I want CaseDetective to allow me to do beyond just extracting data, but I’ll talk about that a little further down the line. If anyone reading this is a FogBugz user, and has any ideas on what they would like to be able to do from a desktop companion app, please add a comment to this post. All suggestions are very welcome!

A really nice interview with Brent and Sheila Simmons

This excellent interview on DrunkenBlog with Brent and Sheila Simmons, a.k.a Ranchero Software, the makers of NetNewsWire, MarsEdit and other great software for the Mac, is a really nice insight into the life of a successful independent software vendor.

A definite recommended read.