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Do (North) Americans really like British accents?

Today’s comic from the Dilbert archive surprised me, do our friends across the pond really find the British accent sexy or feel that it infers intelligence?

I just don’t get it, why is this so (if it’s really true for the majority)?

It’s funny, I listen to a lot of PodCasts, and one of my favourites is the MacCast. Quite often Adam will play audio comments from listeners, and occasionally there’ll be a British one, it sounds totally weird. I’ve got so used to listening to North American accents in PodCasts and Audio Books, both from all over the USA and Canada that when a British (or even Australian or New Zealand) accent is thrown in it feels out of place, really jars. And what’s really strange is that when I hear a continental European or Asian accented English speaker, I don’t have the same reaction, it doesn’t jar at all. Why is that?

Another of my favourite PodCasts is Steve Lacey’s A Brit Abroad, again, it’s strange to hear a English accent in a PodCast, but this time you’re prepared, as the title suggest you’re going to get a British accent. I wonder, do American women swoon at his feet when ever he talks?

One day I might throw out a PodCast, if I ever get the time and something relevant to say (maybe I should have done so for this post, too late now), I wonder what people would think of my accent. I’m born and bread south coast of England, a real “suvana”, but I’ve spent the last eight years in Scotland. Although my accent is still very much English, I do catch myself saying the odd word that is typically Scottish (aye instead of yes, wee instead of small etc), and sometimes accent things with the harder vowels of the area I now live. I wonder how much my accent has really changed.

My friend that I play squash with every week will probably say that I still very much have a English accent, he often takes the piss when I call the score, putting on his best Cockney accent when repeating, trying to put me off my game. But I’m pretty sure I don’t have a Cockney accent, just a middle of the road south east England one.

It’s amazing how many distinctive accents there are in Britain, I wonder which would be most “sexy” to North Americans?

NetNewsWire 2.0 Released!

NetNewsWire 2.0 Released!: “NetNewsWire 2.0 icon

NetNewsWire 2.0 streamlines the award-winning RSS and Atom newsreader by removing the weblog editor and adding many new newsreading features.

NetNewsWire 2.0 includes a tabbed browser so you can read web pages with the convenience of staying in the same window.

You can search your news items with a standard Apple search widget—as in Mail and other applications.

NetNewsWire 2.0 downloads podcasts and enclosures, and sends podcasts to iTunes with with your choice of genre and playlist.

The flagged items feature lets you mark items that you want to keep—they stay forever or until you mark them as unflagged.

NetNewsWire 2.0 is Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) compatible, and includes Automator actions to control functions in NetNewsWire.

Other new features include syncing, smart lists, search subscriptions, and built-in styles. NetNewsWire’s built-in list of feeds, the Sites Drawer, has been updated to include new categories and over 1000 new feeds that can be easily subscribed to.

See What’s New in NetNewsWire 2.0 for more features, details and screen shots.

The full and Lite versions of NetNewsWire 2.0 are available for download at the NetNewsWire home page.

NetNewsWire 2.0 costs $24.95 for a single-user license and $19.95 per person for multi-user licenses. It’s available bundled with MarsEdit 1.0 for $39.95.

NetNewsWire 2.0 is a free upgrade for licensed users of NetNewsWire 1.x. See the Licenses and Upgrades page
for more information.

NetNewsWire Lite is freeware. The Full Version
page lists the features exclusive to the full version.”

(Via NetNewsWire.)