Posts from February 2008.

Adobe Flex 3 and AIR now live!

Adobe FlexBuilderWoohoo, my favourite development platform(s) have just had their big release, Adobe Flex 3 and AIR (Adobe Interactive Runtime) were released just a few hours ago (while I was sleeping soundly).

Go read all about Flex 3, AIR and how you can build wonderful desktop AIR apps with Flex.

And if you’re a masochist, read about building AIR apps with HTML/CSS or Flash.

Adobe AIRI love all the side bar stuff they’ve got on the Flex and AIR product pages, they’re really reaching out to developers that are interested in Flex and AIR and would like to integrate with other technologies, such as ColdFusion (natch), Java, .NET, PHP or Ruby.

Personally I’m having a blast reading through Peter Armstrong’s Flexible Rails book. I’ve long thought Ruby on Rails great at connecting to the database and very powerful at exposing the data model cleanly with wonderful ways to validate data, and best of all, easily migrate the schema as the application evolves. Flex on the front end brings a full rich internet experience without the JavaScript/AJAX headache.

I’ve just paid for and downloaded my FlexBuilder 3 Professional upgrade, time to play (well, after I’ve been to work, come home, spent some time with Abi, put her to bed, had dinner with Mandy, and done a few chores that is)!