Getting there

CaseDetective for FogBugz is coming along nicely, there are still a few features to implement, but I’m getting there. It won’t be too long now until I can release a beta. Can’t say for sure what that time frame actually is, but I’m hoping it’ll be before the end of July.

Yesterday I made my first hint that CaseDetective existed in Fog Creek’s FogBugz forum in response to one of the most commonly asked questions; “what about reports?”. Today, in a follow up reply I decided to actually mention CaseDetective’s name, and give a proper URL to where my company site is ( and said to contact me if interested in knowing when the beta is ready. I’ve had instant feedback, a couple of people have already dropped me a line via the new website saying they’re interested, and it’s not even lunch time in New York yet :-)

So, now the pressure is really on, I’ve got to get it out the door and into the hands of some people that are actually interested in CaseDetective for FogBugz. It’s kind of scary, but very exciting too.