MarsEdit 1.1b5 Released

Just a quick note to all you MarsEdit fans out there to say how good it is to have a new version of MarsEdit at last.

Brent’s MarsEdit 1.1b5 announcement.

I’ve been on the private beta program for a few weeks and been using MarsEdit betas for posting the few entries I’ve made in that time without any problems at all.

The one thing that I really needed fixed was that in previous versions of MarsEdit when working with a WordPress blog you had to encode all the paragraphs and line breaks yourself or else the preview wouldn’t show the correct structure, and when a post was pulled back down from WordPress all that structure would be lost (but not the tags). Basically white space was lost.

That’s all been fixed, I only need to write what I want write now, no more inserting paragraph or breakpoint tags for me!

The second biggest bug-bear I had with MarsEdit 1.0 was the way it kind of went a bit loopy when you selected multiple lines with the up and down cursor keys and then tried to move the end of the select left or right. That’s all fixed now too, which makes such a difference.

I don’t know about the new features, it just works perfectly for me now, so I’m super happy.

Go see what’s changed and pick up a copy from the what’s new in MarsEdit 1.1 page.

Oh, and just in case you didn’t already know, Brent had done a good portion of the work for MarsEdit 1.1 over the summer, but what with the deal with NewsGator and stuff ended up asking Gus Mueller (he of VoodooPad) to finish it off for him while he concentrates on NetNewsWire.

So that’s why this post is still “on topic”, ‘cos Gus is a MicroISV! ;-)