Nearly right about release schedule for Intel macs

Well, I was nearly right about the release schedule for Intel Macs, with a couple of things coming earlier to the PowerPC in the software department.

Shame Mac minis and full “Media Centre” experience hasn’t arrived yet, but Front Row did appear earlier than I predicted.

It’s great that the new Intel based iMac and “MacBook Pro” have arrived early, and with the Duo core chips I wanted to see. Just wish I had the funds to splash out, I’d have to sell all my current hardware to be able to afford just one of them!

Looking forward to seeing the KeyNote stream to see how the new iLife ‘06 apps stack up, seem to be some nice improvements there. Intrigued by iWeb, wonder if it’s got anything over RapidWeaver that makes it a must-have, doubt it for a 1.0 release.

Shame there’s no spreadsheet in iWork ‘06 though.

Nice snazzy quicktime movies heading up the iMac, iLife and iWork sections of the Apple site.

Anyway, can’t stop, off to drool