The ISV Diaries

Cade A. Fasset has started to write The ISV Diaries, his life as a 1-man software startup.

This promises to be a great blog to follow as Cade builds his development infrastructure, product, website and finally starts to market and support his creation.

So far Cade has briefly described what he’s up to, SCM Woes, how he came to pick FogBugz for his bug tracking system (good decision!), and the fun he’s had in trying to host FogBugz remotely on Windows and now Linux.

I picked up on this blog from a very nice feature request he posted to the FogBugz discussion forums. His idea is that customers should be sent a second automated response if no manual reply has been sent within a set time period, e.g. 24 hours, which he thought was a great idea when he received a similar email from his hosting provider apologizing for not being able to respond within their normal 24 hours. Great idea, I hope Fog Creek are able to implement this in a future release of FogBugz.

Good luck Cade, looking forward to following along on your journey.