Notes from the States – Day 3: Short but sweet.

Sunday 26th Feb 2006 was a nice relaxed day.

In the afternoon I just wandered around Austin taking in the quiet Sunday scene. Had a bit of food and coffee to clear the hang-over and then headed back to the hotel once the blisters started to appear.

Room hadn’t been cleaned yet, so grabbed my laptop and sat down in the lobby to catch up on the news and stuff with the slightly quicker ‘net connection down there.

Met a few like-minded REAL Worlders there, so had a couple of nice little chats as people came and went.

Later, after getting another shower to shed off the last of the hang-over went down to the bar and met up with some other REAL Worlders again, and then went out for a great steak at “Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse”. Very nice, had a good conversation about various subjects ranging from colour-spaces to the differences between the various States of America.

When we got back met up with a load more REAL Worlders, including Aaron Ballman and Mars Saxman, but I was really shattered so only stayed for about half an hour before heading off to bed.

Short day, but really nice, looking forward to meeting more people today. Talking of which better get off to Registration and breakfast.

Speak to you later!