Notes from the States – Day 7: Even more history

Today was a nice easy day, just as I planned it to be, a day to wind down after REAL World before flying home the day after.

Got up quite late, watched some TV (the movie Dodgeball) and then wandered up to the “Story Of Texas” museum. Had some lunch there (”Marbled Rueben”, another fine sandwich we don’t get back home) and then spent a good three hours or more going around the exhibits.

Pretty good, if you’re ever in Austin and want to get a good history lesson of how Texas was founded and all the troubles the Lone Star state has been through with lots of easy to read stuff and movies etc, it’s well worth the $5.50 it costs (and I got $1 off with a leaflet I’d picked up from the visitor’s centre. They also have an IMAX theatre, but I didn’t have a chance to watch anything as I spent too long in the exhibits.

It was a very nice day in Austin, completely clear blue sky with the sun beating down, not what I’d call a winter’s day at all! So the walk up to 18th street from 8th to the museum and back was very pleasant, nice to feel the sun on my face before I go back to chilly Scotland. :-)

Later on had a really tasty meal in the hotel’s restaurant (Omni Downtown), a Flat Iron Steak “Chuto Roso”. This consisted of a really nice cut of beef, done just as I like it (medium, a little pink) with a “smoked nopales vino rossa butter, corn pudding and fried spinach”. Very good, never had a “corn pudding” before, nice, it all went very well together.

Finished off my relaxed day with a beer in the atrium bar watching some basketball. Basketball is mesmerising, wish we got more of it in the UK. After that packed most of my stuff and then watched Hostage with Bruce Willis on the TV, not too bad a movie for a standard “troubled cop / action movie”, enjoyed it.

And that was me, my last full day in Austin Texas, tomorrow it’s a day of traveling as I make my way home to Dunfermline Scotland, and as I’m going eastward my day will end in the morning of the following day back in the UK, so you’ll probably not get a wrap up post for a day or two.

I’m so looking forward to seeing Mandy, wish she had been here to enjoy this little bit of Texas, maybe next year!