Don McAllister going solo with ScreenCastsOnline.

If you’re at all interested in Macs, you’ll know of ScreenCastsOnline, the insanely great video blog where Don McAllister shows off some of the great applications available on the Mac and gives tutorials on how to get the best out of them.

Well, Don has decided to make the jump and do ScreenCastsOnline full time, giving up his current full time job to pursue his dreams.

To do so and continue to support his family he’ll need an income, so he’s introducing a subscription model where you get a number extras over and above the free feed for a very reasonable price.

I’ve signed up, if you enjoy ScreenCastsOnline I urge you to help support this great resource by signing up too.

Good luck Don, hope you enjoy going solo as much as so many of us have already.