CaseDetective 1.1 Sneak Peek #2: Open cases by Area

In FogBugz there is this concept of a Project Area. Areas are usually something like “Code”, “Documentation”, “User Interface” and so on, a way of categorizing a Bug, Feature or Inquiry so that the correct person can pick it up. They are very useful, a great way compartmentalizing you Cases for better resource and time management.

The problem is, these Areas are children of a Project, so it’s impossible to create a filter in FogBugz that captures all cases that are in an Area regardless of the Project they are in, for example; all Cases related to “Code”. This is a real shame, as many people use Areas for all kinds of things, and would love to see all cases that have the same Area. Some people think of Areas as a kind of tag.

In CaseDetective 1.1 for FogBugz we’ve opened up Areas a little by giving you a “Open cases by Area” summary filter, allowing you to see all open Cases in each of your Areas, regardless of the Project they’re in.


But, if you then need to drill down to find out which Projects those Cases are in, you can.


Some way of seeing all cases in an Area name without having to select a Project has been one of the most requested features I’ve seen, and something I’ve long wanted myself.

CaseDetective 1.1 is still in development, but we’re working hard on getting it into your hands as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to release.