Back from the abyss

The last week or so has been pretty exhausting for two reasons.

First was the release of CaseDetective 1.1.1, 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 to fix up little problems found in CaseDetective 1.1. There’s still one user with a problem that I simply can not decipher, it makes absolutely no sense and no one else has seen it. I’ll maybe have to see if I can get a CoPilot session going to fathom it out.

The second is that since Tuesday last week I’ve been getting steadily more and more ill until Friday I finally came down with a really nasty cold. I was totally wiped out all day Saturday and Sunday and then started to feel better and better yesterday as the day wore on. I missed all the really nice weather we’ve had over the weekend, but at least I didn’t miss the football!

Today I feel much much better, still full of gunk, but should be OK for doing my first day of consultancy at the new contract tomorrow.

My new client wants me to go in for a day to meet various people and generally settle in so that I can hit the road running when I come back off of holiday.

Bit of a shame that it’s tomorrow they picked as it’s Mandy’s birthday and we’d planned on going out for the day, but she’s going to see her Mum and sister instead and we’ll do something on Thursday if it’s OK out. So hopefully it’s going to all work out well.

It’s taking me ages to write this as my attention keeps veering off to the Brazil vs Croatia match on my second monitor (got to love EyeTV), so I’ll stop fighting the temptation and wrap up this little update post. Speak to you soon.