Copilot for Mac!

Hey, good news for us Mac based peeps that help out peeps on remote machines now and then, Fog Creek’s Copilot service is now Mac compatible!

And, what’s more, the Copilot 2.0 day pass price has been cut in half from $10 to a very attractive $5, that’s nearly free!

 I also like the new “direct connection” feature whereby after an initial connection mediated through Fog Creek’s servers, if it can get a direct connection between the two helper and helpee machines, it will. I doubt this feature will actually be used all that often by casual users who have the ports closed on their firewalls, but for those that use Copilot a lot I expect this feature will further speed up an already pretty fast service.

But, probably the top feature for current users will be the ability to transfer files directly to the remote desktop, this’ll make it so much easier if you’ve got a file you want to use, such as a new build of your software or the remote debugging stub.

That’s a great update, me likes.