I met Joel Spolsky last night, and have the t-shirt to prove it!

FogBugz_t-shirt.jpgLast night was the Edinburgh meet up with Joel Spolsky, it was great to meet a few fellow software developers (and the occasional electronics/hardware/embedded software developer) who also think Joel’s articles are a great read. Although I seemed to talk to more Australian and New Zealand folk than I did Scottish, which is funny as I have often been accused of being from that area, and nearly moved there a few years ago, and it turns out Joel’s dad is from New Zealand.

So after the meet last night Joel and I we went for a nice dinner at Le Sept, just round the corner from the meet venue, whence my grilling of Joel commenced!

I thoroughly enjoyed the meal, we talked about all kinds of things related to software development, management, Fog Creek, FogBugz and other stuff. Joel’s a really nice guy, easy to talk to and very keen to share his knowledge, and also to help me out with CaseDetective where possible.

I hope Joel enjoyed the evening as much as I did.