FogBugz 6.0 for Windows released.

Excellent news, FogBugz 6.0 for Windows has been released.

It’s no secret that I and many others have been using the betas for some months now, and boy am I happy with this release!

There’s a tonne of cool new shiny things to play with in this new release, you should definitely check out the What’s New page.

My favourite new features and improvements?

1) Super Duper API!
It may be the penultimate item in the list of new features on Fog Creek’s list, but it’s number one on mine! I don’t have to duplicate all the search/filter functionality of FogBugz in CaseDetective any more. Woohoo!

2) Super Duper Search!
The search and filter mechanism has been totally overhauled, you can now search by many different axis, in any combination, and then search within the results of a filter. This feature is going to make a lot of existing FogBugz users incredibly happy.

3) Resolve and Close.
It may not sound like much, but being able to resolve and close a case I opened with the press one button is going to save me countless hours.

There are so many other great features introduced and improved in FogBugz 6.0, such as the Wiki functionality, Evidence-Based Scheduling, automated timesheets, community users and many more.

It really is a stonkingly good release, my hat goes off to Fog Creek for delivering such a great product in FogBugz 6.0.

So, now I have to work like crazy to get CaseDetective 2.0 out the door. Thanks a bunch Fog Creek! ;-)