If I had an iPhone 3G…

If I had an iPhone 3G, what apps would I have installed by now?


AIM: Got to get me some realtime chat.

BA Flights: It’s always a pain trying to find a place to sit down and wait where you can keep tabs on the status board for your delayed flight, hopefully this app will solve that.

Evernote: I’ve recently started using Evernote for all my archiving of web purchase receipts and various other scraps of information and pictures that I need to keep at hand. This app should be a great addition to the already excellent Mac desktop and web based Evernote clients.

Exposure: I’m not much of a flickr user, but I keep meaning to start using it properly, maybe having this app at hand would help me get started.

NetNewsWire: I love NetNewsWire, I use it every day to keep tabs on the World at large. With all the NewsGator feed status and clippings sync goodness it promises, this app could easily be my most used on my iPhone.

PayPal: Quick and easy access to PayPal seems like a good idea to me, especially as this version is made by PayPal, so I don’t feel like I might be getting spoofed or something.

Pownce: I follow a few peeps on Pownce, so this could be a neat app to have, once the notifications functionality is released by Apple.

Remote: This should be great, looking forward to testing it out.

Truphone: In the absence of a Skype client, this looks like it could save a few quid on long distance calls, certainly while abroad.

Twitterrific: While I’m a twhirl user on the desktop for all my twitter needs, I’m sure Twitterrific on the iPhone would be just the job.

Apps missing from above screenshot:

Aria Touch: This could be an interesting app for a FogBugz user like myself, it’s just a shame that it hasn’t shown up on the iTunes App Store yet. But as I expect it isn’t free, I couldn’t download it just yet anyway, seeing as I don’t have an iPhone it would be a waste of money!

Things: I’ve started using Things for managing my general to-do lists, it’s a great Mac desktop app and I’d love to give the iPhone version a spin, if I had an iPhone 3G!

Why do I not have an iPhone 3G just yet? Because:

a) O2 isn’t releasing it’s Pay & Go tariff until “later this year”. I simply don’t use the “phone” part of my phone anywhere near enough to warrant paying £30 per month, but if the rumoured Pay & Go deal includes 6 months free 3G data and wi-fi hotspot usage, followed by £10 per month after that, I’d be all over it.

b) O2 has run out of iPhones!

Oh well, hopefully O2 will get a few boat loads of new stock and release the Pay & Go contract option soon, then I can spend my money!