Getting FogBugz data into Excel / CaseDetective 2.0 Sneak Peek

Having seen an increase in tweets and support requests to the FogBugz guys about getting data from FogBugz into Excel, I wasn’t surprised to see Fog Creek finally write a blog post explaining how to use the FogBugz API from within Excel to get a basic spreadsheet.

It’s not the nicest of mechanisms for getting data into Excel from FogBugz, but it works.

Over the last few months I’ve had quite a few inquiries about using CaseDetective with FogBugz On Demand.

At first my standard response was basically “sorry, CaseDetective 2.0 will do this but I can’t tell you when that’ll be available”. But it’s really frustrating, knowing that you’re in mid-development with something that’s waaaaay too basic and not at all ready for release, but already has the exact functionality most people are looking for, namely CSV export.

One day I caved, I let on to someone that there’s a development release out there on that there interweb that I use for testing, it was a bit old, but would do what they desperately needed.

It worked for that person, they got the job done, they were happy, and I got a nice warm fuzzy feeling out of helping someone in a bit of a bind.

Then I mentioned it to the next person, and then the next, and the next … you get the picture. Each person was asked to keep it a secret, and must join the CaseDetective Beta Test Team in order to continue using it.

I’ve had some great feedback, much of which is now in my FogBugz database waiting for me to actually get the time to implement, but some critical bugs have been squashed, and I think it’s now reasonably stable, if very very very slow and missing many features.

I’ve decided that seeing as so many people are simply looking for CSV output, and might be interested in using something a bit lot more user friendly than the raw API XML data into Excel method, I’m going to make the development version of CaseDetective 2.0 semi-public, anyone who reads this can give it a bash.

And what’s more, I’m not just going to make CaseDetective On Demand available, I’m also going to make CaseDetective 2.0 Desktop available too.

Try CaseDetective On Demand

Install CaseDetective 2.0 Desktop

Please send any feedback, big, small, nasty or nice to

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