The Big Think – Part 4

What the heck, this project is fun, I’m learning a tonne of stuff every time I get coding, every time I read some more about marketing. I’m learning loads from all the blogs and web articles that I’m reading in the area of small independent ISVs and shareware marketting. Maybe I should quit worrying and just get on with it.

The best thing about it is that it’s not really costing me a lot, there’s the initial outlay for RealBasic, which wasn’t much, then there’s the time I spend on coding and research, but that’s negated by my enjoying every minute. The biggest cost is probably the time I spend locked away in my office away from the wife, which isn’t good. But, to be honest, I’m completely addicted to computers, have been since a kid, my wife understands this and accepts it, I think. This doesn’t mean I’m allowed to go over-board though, I do occasionally get a kick up the rear for not spending enough time with my wife, although curiously it’s usually phrased as “spending too much time on the computer”, I think she’s jealous, and probably rightly so. I do spend way too much time on my computers, I recognise that. I go through phases of moderating my time, but after a while things do slip and I have to be reminded that I’ve got a life outside of computers. Is there such a thing as “Computers Anonymous”, hope not, and if there is I’m not going to join anyway, I’m enjoying coding on my project way too much!

I’ll talk about how I’m combatting the imbalances in my life in a later post (and yes, I’m aided by computers!).

Anyway, it’s Friday night, DVD, couple of nice beers and snuggle up with the Mrs on the couch night.

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  1. I originally thought being a single guy with no responsibilities was going to make it easier to concentrate on my project and in many respects it has. The isolation of working on my own from home has proved harder than I expected though. There’s ways around it of course but it’s not a viable long term situation.