A gateway to better software

My friend Gordon was checking out my business site the other day and noticed my tagline, “A gateway to better software”. His comment: “very grown up and professional :) ”.

The funny thing is, I’ve always used this tag line, my very first invoice after setting up the company back in 1998 had it as part of the logo:


The logo came from playing with WordArt in Microsoft Office 95, I liked the shape and the tagline just came naturally.

But for some reason I’ve never used this slogan on my website (I’ve checked the Way Back Machine to make sure), I have absolutely no idea why, even though I’ve been a software developer from the start and used it on most of my business stationary (it’s actually AWOL on my current very boring stationary). Weird.

I guess the tagline is more apt now, as the application I’m writing is for people who for the most part will be developing software themselves and using FogBugz to track feature requests, bugs and inquiries. People use a product such as FogBugz if they want to improve their software, and I want to help these people get more out of FogBugz.

Hopefully now I’ll be a gateway to more “better software” than I ever imagined.

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  1. Ian, I like the slogan. I even like the logo, the fact that it’s simple actually makes it that much more professional looking. Have you considered using your old logo on your business site? You could use it in the upper left corner and then put your company name in easier to read text to the right of it. Just a thought.

  2. Hi Jon,

    I’ve always liked the logo too, clean and simple, just like me!

    While I was writting the above post it also occured to me that it might be worth trying to use it again. I also thought I could probably squeeze it on the left, without the slogan under it, and have “IMiJ Software” and the “A gateway to better software” to it’s right. I may have to devise a swanky box to put it in so that the white background could be maintained without looking naff on the otherwise grey background.

    I’ll have to have play with that, when I get some time!