CaseDetective for FogBugz Beta 1 Released!

Woohoo, I’ve just released CaseDetective for FogBugz Beta 1 onto an unsuspecting World!

If you’re a user of FogBugz and fancy giving CaseDetective a try, please scoot over to to download the first beta release of this simple desktop reporting app.

I’ve sent out my first Newsletter using CampaignMonitor too, which simply states that the beta is released and where to get it, and also has a link to the CaseDetective Yahoo Group. I figured a Yahoo Group would be a good way for anyone using CaseDetective to share tips and tricks.

The beta has a trial period of 60 days as opposed to the normal 30 days I’ll be using once v1.0 is released, I thought this a good idea to make sure there was plenty of time for feedback. I’m also counting a days usage as being each new day that CaseDetective is actually run rather than calendar days from first run, so the testers really will have quite some time to test it. When v1.0 is released the counter will be reset and the limit of 30 days imposed, so that’s a total of 90 days they’ve got to play with all told.

Also, my online store is now open for business! Right from very early on in this adventure I’ve been signed up with eSellerate, it just seemed to have the easiest online store, and also had the option of using their Integrated eSeller which allows you to purchase from right inside the application. I’ll let you know in due course how this pans out.

What’s the price of CaseDetective for FogBugz I hear you ask? Well, it’s a paltry $69 US, only a little over half the current price of a FogBugz license.

Anyway, it’s been a very very tiring time this last two weeks, I’ve been spending 8 hours in the office on the day job, and then another 5 to 8 working on CaseDetective in the evenings, with another good 7 or 8 every Sunday too. So, it’s off to have a glass of Merlot, wind down, and try to prepare for all the feedback I hope to get from the beta testers over the next few days. I’ll maybe say hello to my wife too, I haven’t really seen her for a couple of weeks, she’s been very understanding and supportive at this really busy time, trying to keep out of my way and helping with lots of encouragement and love. Boy do I love her.

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  1. Yeay!

    And I was the first one to post to the Yahoo! group. Yeay!

  2. Cheers David!

    I’ve sent you a reply via the group.

    Thanks for giving CaseDetective a test, hope we can get it working to your liking, any feedback is good.

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  4. Congrats Ian! Good luck with the beta and the new store.

  5. Congrats on the Beta release! I just looked over the screenshots of your app. It looks great, professional and simple!

  6. Thanks for the kind words Jon and Michael, much appreciated.

    It’s a great feeling to finally have CaseDetective out there, even with all the work I’ve still to do on it.

    I’ve had some great feedback on Beta1 and am looking forward to releasing Beta2 soon, which will hopefully address most of the problems and comments the beta testers have given me.


  8. Thanks for the plug flipdoubt.

    Don’t worry, I’ll not shoot you!