Just like buses…

Just like buses, no posts for ages and then three come along at once!

So, apparently it’s Blog Day today, you’re supposed to link to at least five blogs. So I’ll highlight a few blogs that have recently entered my regular feed list from my “New Subscriptions” quarantine list, all related to making a business out of writing software, in one way or another.

.NET Undocumented is a mixture of .NET (well, dah!) and entrepreneurship. Bit too much about .NET for me really, but there’s a fair bit about business to keep me interested.

ToDoOrElse.com is the blog of MasterList Professional developer Safari Software. Nice interviews in the Micro-ISV Tip series of posts, plus productivity and general business and blog related stuff.

I guess Tim Weiler is as busy as I’ve been recently, so hasn’t updated in a couple of weeks, but his Syncura blog tells his microISV story.

Realmac Software – Blog. This one goes into my “Apple” category. RapidWeaver is what I use to create my company website, I like Realmac Software’s products and the fact that they’re a small UK company that listen to their customers.

Talking of RapidWeaver, if you want to see a great website built with it and some superb photography to boot, scoot on over to Pixels Everywhere.

If you’re writing software you’ll appreciate OK/Cancel and Bug Bash.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! By the way, is there an About this blog/you that I missed?

  2. No worries Bob, enjoy reading your blog.

    Just added an About Me page, just for you! :-)

  3. Thanks Ian, and do visit joelonsoftware.com if you don’t already – you’ll find many a kindred spirit there.

  4. Been reading JoelOnSoftware.com and the discussion forums for a long long time, even posted a few times. :-) However, it’s so busy these days it’s hard to keep up, so I tend to pick and choose by post title. Using my news reader to keep abreast of what’s new helps, especially in the “Business Of Software” forum (I have a link on this site).

    Understandably I spend a lot more time reading the FogBugz forums :-)