Yay! Free alcohol!

I got a delivery today of a nice little box with the word “fragile” written down it’s sides, it could only be one thing … Yay! Free alcohol!


Thanks to Hugh Macleod at gapingvoid.com bloggers in the UK and Ireland are getting the chance to sample some Stormhoek wine supplied by Orbital Wines. Each bottle comes with a little booklet and a personalised label:


Ordinarily I’m a red wine drinker, it has to be pretty good and plenty chilled before I’ll usually enjoy a white.

I’ve just returned from a hard game of squash and we’ve just had our first glass of Stormhoek with dinner, with the bottle having been thoroughly chilled in the fridge since lunch time. What a lovely wine, it really does taste very fresh and fruity. Mandy (my wife) says “it’s alright”, which believe me is quite a compliment!

So it’s a thumbs up from the Jones household, we’ll be keeping our eyes out for Stormhoek when next shopping for wine.

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  1. Lucky — no one ever sends me free booze. :-P

  2. Hi Aaron,

    I think Hugh is going to start doing a USA version pretty soon, so keep an eye on http://www.gapingvoid.com, you might just get your first free bottle of booze!