REAL World 2006

This weekend I registered for REAL World 2006, so next February I’m off to Austin, Texas for a few days to learn lots of stuff about RealBasic and hang out with like-minded geeks.

Should be fun, some of the sessions already posted look very interesting, and I’m really looking forward to meeting the RB staff and other developers in the RB community.

I haven’t booked my flights and hotel yet though, mainly because the wife and I haven’t decided whether she’s coming along or not. Thought it might be nice to extend the trip a little to see the sights (and sounds) of Austin as it looks like a nice place to be for a few days. Then again, Mandy won’t see me for a good three whole days while I’m at the conference as there’s evening socials as well as daytime sessions. But apparently there’s some good shopping to be had in Austin, so Mandy says she should be able to keep herself occupied for a few days, as long as the credit card holds out! :-)

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  1. “the wife and I haven’t decided whether she’s coming along or not”

    Don’t worry mate, I’m sure that as soon as Mandy decides, you’ll be the first to know :) .

  2. Well, a couple of days after this post, Mandy did indeed inform me that she didn’t think she’ll come along. So “we” have now decided she’s not coming to Austin. :-)

    So I’d better go find flights and hotel, at least now it can all come out of my company’s expenses, it’s gonna hurt the pocket.

  3. It’ll be nice to see you there!

  4. Looking forward to it Aaron, remind me to buy you a drink to say thanks for all your hard work at REAL Software and the great stuff you put out on your blog!

    Just booked it all up; flying in on 24th Feb, back out on the 3rd Mar (get home on the 4th), staying one night at the Hilton at the airport (because the Omni was booked up on the 24th and it’ll be really late when I get in), then the rest of the time at the Omni, mostly at the special rate REAL World 2006.

    Thought I’d get in a couple of days early so that I can get over any jet lag before the sessions start, and also to hopefully see a bit of Austin at the weekend as it looks like somewhere I’d like to explore. Then I have a day after the event to wind down and then start the long haul back to the UK.