Yay! Free Alcohol! (again)

This weekend has been great, not only have my parents been visiting (which is really nice, Mandy and I love spending time with my Mum and Dad), but we got three bottles of wine delivered to our door for free!


On Friday we got two bottles of wine from my mate Gordon to say thank you for taking him to see Paul Weller play at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh, fulfilling one of his life time ambitions. Really the wine’s for Mandy as she couldn’t make it so I asked Gordon whether he fancied accompanying me. He really didn’t need to send us the wine, but we’re very grateful.

Then just this morning I got a delivery of a bottle of Stormhoek Shiraz (red) from Orbital Wines to say thank you for helping make their previous promo so successful by being one of those to post a photo of the wine they sent before.


That was very nice gesture from them, and again really not needed as I’m more than happy to post a picture of any free wine I get!

Anyone else want to send me some free alcohol? :-)

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  1. No only free, but wine from the amongst the best there is, Australian. :)

    We had some relatives who are visiting Australia from Canada over for dinner tonight and had an excellent bottle of Wolf Blass Shiraz.