Recent additions to feed list

The following blogs have found there way onto my permanent feed list in the last few months, and as normal I thought I’d share them with you here.

Normally I’d write a little about each one to introduce it, but frankly I haven’t got the time just now, so I’ll leave it to you to explore them and discover for yourself why I took a shine to these. All have gone into my “Business Of Software” category, but a couple could have maybe gone into “Apple” or even “Design”, but all are related to small software related businesses.

Haja Weblog

LookLater Blog

My Cantina

Phil’s Development Journal

Random Thoughts from Tifty Croft

Shirt Pocket Watch

The Obligatory Blog

[ThinkMac blog];

Ripples: post-corporate adventures

Yeadon Group Projects

YourHead Blog

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  1. Ian,

    Thanks for the mention–I’ll try to make my blog worthy of your recommendation!