REAL World 2006 – Preliminary Schedule

So, here’s my preliminary schedule for REAL World 2006, what’s yours?


I should probably point out that the session at 15:00 on Tuesday is “A Practical Approach To The Perfect Product Launch”, not “A Practical Approach To The Perfect Product”, that would be a little grandiose!

Also, the last day is pretty much up in the air as there’s this concept of voting for repeated sessions for when there are conflicts, and some sessions just haven’t been set yet. Even so, I already have a conflict on the Friday, I want to attend both “Windows User Interface Design” and “Database Reporting”.

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  1. Hah, well it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of one another — I’m doing thread, design patterns and Win32 UI. :-P

    I would take Win32 UI just because I think databases are boring. But that’s just my personal, not humble at all, opinion. ;-)

  2. Ah, but I love databases, if it wasn’t for databases I wouldn’t bother getting up in the morning! :-)

  3. LoL, you have a reason to love them though. You do business apps, and it’s tough to escape them there. I am lucky in that all my work to date hasn’t required me to touch the nasty things. ;-)