FogBugz Weblog

Michael H. Pryor (co-founder of Fog Creek) has just announced a new website, the FogBugz Weblog.

This is great news, I’ve always wanted Michael to have a blog, I’m confident he’s got lots to share with us, and I’ve often thought it would be a good idea to have a FogBugz specific weblog myself, but Michael has trumped this by creating the FogBugz weblog.

And what’s even nicer and totally unexpected is that in his introductory post Michael says “Future posts will be about CaseDetective, translating FogBugz, a Gmail like notifier for new FogBugz cases, a proxy for Vault to make it think it is talking to its own built in tracker, and more ideas that I haven”.

That’s very nice of him, thanks Michael!

Update: It seems people are missing the fact that there is a RSS feed at
Probably because the FogBugz Weblog isn’t properly exposing it, but it is there and does work.

No comments.

  1. No RSS feed :-(

    I’d post that over there, but of course there’s no comments either!

    Common Michael, you can do better then that, throw a WP install up or something.

  2. Come on I mean. Whew, bad typing.

  3. Actually there is a RSS feed at

  4. Oh, and on the subject of comments, I guess people will just pop across to the FogBugz discussion forums to post any feedback, just like people go to the Joel On Software discussion forum to comment on Joel’s stuff.

    So I expect that will work OK, and allows Michael to continue to use CityDesk as the publishing mechanism.