CaseDetective 1.1 Released.

CaseDetective 1_1 Released.jpg

CaseDetective 1.1 has finally hit the server, and is now ready for download from it’s shiny new website.

I was tempted to call this release “2.0″ as it’s changed so much from 1.0.1, but in the end I decided 1.1 felt more natural and true to my intentions.

This release took a lot longer than planned, mainly due to the huge change in the way cases are retrieved from the server for faster filter browsing.

But I’ve “sneak peeked” that before on this here blog, so I won’t go over that again, or anything else that I’ve already written about.

What I can write about for the first time is the Preview Pane, an area under the list of cases that shows details of the currently selected case and the history of comments, emails and changes that have occurred. In fact, I’m not even going to write about it, I’ll just show you a picture of what you can get if you right-click on it and save it as an image…

Preview Pane.jpg

Current users of CaseDetective should start to see update notices the next day they start CaseDetective (if they have automatic updates turned on) or the next time they “Check for update”.

I’ll be sending out a short newsletter in the not too distant future too.

CaseDetective 1.1 for FogBugz is a free update for all current users. New users can buy CaseDetective for $69, and there is a free 30 day usage trial available.

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  1. Congrats on the release!

  2. Thanks Michael.