Managing Media

Merlin Mann pointed out a great article on TechDigs that addresses a lot of the problems people have with managing their ever increasing volume of media data, and how to back it up. I’ve been thinking about getting a ReadyNAS+ for a while, now I have some better information on how to use it more efficiently.

In the article Amazon’s S3 service is used for the off-site backup, but I wonder if something like CrashPlan wouldn’t be much better. With services like CrashPlan you backup over the internet to your own external disk that you’ve given to a friend to connect to their computer/network. It doesn’t incur any service charges, just a software purchase for the party wanting to backup, the friend doesn’t even need a license to be able to act as your backup target (just a pint every now and then to say thanks for the electricity).

What I really like is that you can do the initial (huge) backup locally, and then give the disk to your friend for the daily incremental backup offsite. I’m thinking about setting this up with a friend of mine, it’d backup early every morning while my ADSL bandwidth is free. If things were to go terribly wrong at home, I can pop around to my friends place to pick up the backup drive ready to do a local restore, much better than spending days downloading data from a server somewhere off in the cloud. Oh, and just in case someone nicks the device you’ve given to your friend, the data is compressed and encrypted before being sent, and saved encrypted too, which is nice to know.

I’m seriously considering CrashPlan and wonder if anyone out there has any experience of it or similar software?

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  1. Ian,

    I am currently using Crashplan to back up my mac laptop to my husbands old pc remotely. It is working great. I don’t even know it’s there…just runs in the background. Cheap piece of mind.

    In fact, I like it so much I am considering backing up my office computers to a server at home. It will save me oodles of dough.

    I highly recommend it — and a no brainer sincce it’s a free download for a month.

    go for it.

  2. A similar software that does it from the open-source world is rsyncrypto. It does an rsync over the net, encrypts the data before sending it over the net and keeping it encrypted on the backup machine.

  3. Dianne,

    Thanks for the positive review, I’ve downloaded the software and am going to give it a go backing up locally to a spare machine.


    I used to run a number of rsync scripts a couple of years ago, when I used a Debian GNU/Linux server to backup all my user data from various machines. It worked pretty well, and if CrashPlan doesn’t live up to expectations, I might have another look at it.


  4. Ian,
    Glad to see you downloaded CrashPlan…update me on how it is working for you…I want to be sure I’ve given you a good recommendation!