Will the iPhone be on Vodaphone in the UK?

I just called Vodaphone to check up on something on my latest bill only to be told that they couldn’t get any info on my account as their systems were being upgraded. The rep said someone would call me back when their systems were available, it would be about an hour and a half. That was just before 9am.

There’s a London Apple event happening at 10am. This might be a complete red herring, a total coincidence, but could all the rumours about O2 getting the iPhone be wrong? Could it be Vodaphone?

Fingers crossed!

Update: Oh crap, it’s O2, the one carrier I vowed never to use again after some seriously bad experiences with their customer reps!

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  1. Still £35 / month with isn’t as bad as I thought it would be, considering there’s unlimited data.

  2. Yeah, that unlimited data for £35 is good, quite tempting actually, but I wonder if the other carriers will follow up will counter-offers?