Status Update 2007-11-19


A couple of weeks ago I was supposed to write a post about my availability for hire, having just completed the year (and a bit) long project for my last client. I guess I was too busy either enjoying some relaxed quality time with my wife and daughter, or getting in some development time on CaseDetective 2.0 and missed the opportunity.

Anyway, today I started a new contract I bid for and won. It’s just a 20 week one, for the very same client I’ve recently finished up with, but this time doing system analysis and design for a brand new system. It’s a great project, in fact a whopping great big project of huge importance for the client, but I’m relishing the challenge.


Although CaseDetective 1.3.2 came out a couple of weeks ago with support for FogBugz 6.0 password formats, it turns out there were other more problematic database schema changes that will cause problems for many CaseDetective users.

As such, I’m going to have to say that CaseDetective 1.3.2 is unlikely to work for most FogBugz 6.0 users, not that it ever officially supported FogBugz 6.0 anyway. For FogBugz 6.0 support CaseDetective 2.0 will be required, which we’re hoping to have released early next year.

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  1. Hey Ian,

    Did Joel give you a heads up on the 6.0 schema? I went to the FogBugz demo when he came to Washington DC and he plugged your product by name, so he’s definitely helping send business your way. Good luck on the new contract.


  2. I only have a little interaction with Joel, it’s usually Eric and Michael that I communicate with.

    Eric gave me a heads up on the impending FogBugz On Demand and inaccessibility of the database, and Michael and I had lots of communication about the FogBugz 6 API, I was given a lot of input into it’s development.

    Because of the need to use the API for FogBugz On Demand, and the extra features that would be a real pain to duplicate if I continued to use direct communication with the database, I haven’t paid much attention to the database changes and haven’t asked about them. Hence the late realisation of some of the potential problems.

    I get lots of support from Fog Creek, they’re very encouraging and are keen to see CaseDetective and other third party solutions do well. It’s great to hear that Joel plugged CaseDetective by name at the demo you attended.

    Thanks for the comment Phil.