RBScoutSubmit is being used in REALbasic IDE

How about this, some of my REALbasic code is being used by REAL Software in their REALbasic IDE!

Aaron Ballman recently blogged about how they are now capturing any exceptions thrown in the REALbasic IDE to be submitted as bug reports to their FogBugz install. Turns out that they are using RBScoutSubmit, with just a couple of modifications.

Aaron was kind enough to tell me about the couple of improvements that they’ve made, I’ll see about adding them to RBScoutSubmit along with a couple more improvements I’ve thought about as soon as I get some time.

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  1. You’ve done a great job with RBScoutSubmit. I’ve tried using it in a test REALbasic project and it appears to work fine. I’m planning on integrating it in all my future applications made with REALabsic.

    Good luck with the new version.

  2. Your RBScoutSubmit stuff worked out great for us, and really has helped to streamline some of the more automatable bugs in the IDE. My only beef is the fact that when the site is hosted by Fog Creek, we can’t attach files to the submitted reports automatically (because they we could have a little checkbox that says “submit project?” which would tickle me to no end). But that’s not even a knock against RBScoutSubmit, since it can easily handle that!

    Great work and thanks again! :-)